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How to set up a Daily Digest

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  • How to set up a Daily Digest

    I was asked if we could set up a daily digest. It involves a few steps but they are easy. You have to be logged in to do this.

    First: Click on FORUMS. That will list each of the forums we have. You have to subscribe to each of them seperately. Click on the forum names that you want to get a digest from, then in the upper right, click SUBSCRIBE. Repeat for each forum that you want messages from. For example, you don't really need to subscribe to humor if you are getting too many messages!

    THEN click on your name, and from the drop down menu select USER SETTINGS. Click the NOTIFICATIONS tab and under email notifications, you can select ON to get an email every time someone posts a message, or select ON DAILY to get a daily digest of all messages sent that day just once a day, or even ON WEEKLY to get a weekly digest once a week.