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    I was originally diagnosed after a grand mal seizure in 2004. It was an oligodendroglioma grade 2/3. I had surgery two weeks later at UCLA, followed by 22 rounds of Temodar. A recurrence was found in 2009, exactly 5 years later. Radiation at City of Hope in 2013. PCV chemo in 2014. I began a clinical trial at UCLA in 2018, with a second brain surgery in May 2018. Everything has been stable ever since!!

    Unfortunately, during this time I discovered that I also have breast cancer. I originally discovered a lump in 2016, had a complete right breast mastectomy, and required no further treatment. Hooray! Until...2019 when I discovered another lump and found out it is now Grade 3, Triple-Negative. Currently waiting on more tests and another surgery. Will definitely need chem this time. 😢