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    I salute you from Romania. My name is Ioan and I am willing to share with you my wife case being an anaplastic astrocytoma patient. On December 2019 she undertook a double craniotomy(within two weeks) to "extract" a 9x6x4 cm left frontal side tumor mass(it was a GTR). Histopathological examination announced an AA III with oligodendrocytes component. She underwent a concomitent radio and chemotherapy with Temodar for 33 days and it was supposed to follow the adjuvant Temodar therapy. Unfortunately due to the very, very low blood platelets and clots, being under the spectrum of leukemia, the oncologist decided to stop any further treatments. It is one year and two months since the treatment has been stopped and now she is taking only anti seizure medication(Valproic acid and Levetiracetam) and some supplements like: Melatonin, Silymarin, Luteolin, Bee propolis glycolic and water aqeous extract(almost 15 ml/day). Since September 2020, having no other treatment options, she is following a Phytotherapy program consisting in 5 daily tea infusions according to the method described: Folllow MRIs has not revealed any new spots till now. Now she is well balanced both emotional and physical although physical recovery took about 8 months from radio-chemotherapy especially that she has had to fight with a herpes zoster episode last October.
    We are also trying to have a diet without carbs but we are not really sure if this would have some benefits or even a negative impact(she is also a hashimoto's hypothyroidism patient).

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    I think it's the right choice you made there, finding your wife a caretaker. I understand that it wasn't easy for you to come to this conclusion. However, at the end of the day, it's extremely important that your loved one is in the hand of a professional. My grandmother had a heart attack and she has been horribly ill ever since. All of her children are so busy that they can't take good care of her. That was when they came to a decision that it was time to hire a caretaker. To be honest, all of us were very skeptical at first, but luckily enough the caretaker is such a nice lady. After all, a caretaker's job is to assist your loved one live happily, right?
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      I'm sorry about what happened to your wife. I hope that her health will improve and that you will have a lot of patience and understanding for her condition.