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Help reading an MRI report for a friend

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  • Help reading an MRI report for a friend

    Hi group - hope all are well.
    just wanted the group’s thoughts on my friend’s daughter’s MRI. She was told it is a cyst and not to worry, but she’s worried! It correlates with a new, sudden onset of severe (and atypical for her previously happy and calm child) anxiety.
    Also, how can one know if a cyst is growing if there’s no prior scan to compare it to? It likely grew from something unless it was congenital, so I find the entire subject confusing.
    many insight would be appreciated.
    thanks so much,
    audrey Click image for larger version

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    Your friend doesn't need to worry. A cyst is a benign tumor. I don't see the MRI result very well. Still, I assume that it is not in danger if the tumor is not restricting the motor and respiratory apparatus. All that remains is to find out the contents of the cyst. Usually, it is possible to puncture and treat the walls, and the tumor will disappear. My advice to you is to reassure the girl. She is not in any danger. The only thing that can do more harm is excitement, which will turn into depression. It may be helpful for you to read about it here . Take care of mental health first. Good luck to you and your friend.
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