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Newly Diagnosed Low Grade Glioma

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  • Newly Diagnosed Low Grade Glioma

    Hello All,

    I'm still in shock and confused but I was recently diagnosed with a low grade glioma. No more information without pathology. slow growing. Surgeon suggested monitoring it for a while which we have no choice anyways with Covid 19. I watched the documentory - Surviving Terminal Cancer which was very inspiring. I do want to go the multi directional approach after surgery but it is hard to know where to start at this stage. I spoke to a an agent at Care Oncology and they recommend a few approaches. I am also meeting today with a functional practitioner for suppliments and intra vitamin C. Any advice would be very appreciated and I hope I am on the right path. Many thanks in advance!

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    It pays to get another opinion at a major brain tumor center. Is it in a location for surgery?


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      Yes it is at a location where 50 -80% can be removed. I have had a second opinion and awaiting a 3rd out of the States as I am in Canada. My surgeon wants to do a wait and see approach but I am preferring to go with early resection. He says it is a very debated decision. Does anyone have any advice on which is the best way to proceed? Watch and wait seems like a higher risk to me.


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        That is a tough situation.. you can go either way and there is no right or wrong.. see what the next opinion says then go with what makes you comfortable. Waiting drives some people crazy but sometimes it is the best way.. until it grows a little mroe.


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          thanks for your advice.


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            Musella, Are you familiar with a new clinical trial from AGIOS in Boston called AG 881 for low grade gliomas? It has been delayed due to Covid but hopefully available end of this year. Any information on it would be useful.


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              It is interesting and there is a lot of excitement around it but I do not know anyone who tried it and we have nobody in the virtual trial who reported using it