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Feel free to ask the most basic "stupid" and embarrassing questions here!." ​​​​

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  • Feel free to ask the most basic "stupid" and embarrassing questions here!." ​​​​

    "Feel free to ask the most basic "stupid" and embarrassing questions here!."
    Okay, I will.
    Lots of change, stress, and health problems in 2019. Stumbled onto this site by accident. Reading through all the information here gives me hope there may be a good reason for my symptoms.

    Here's the problem .... I don't have insurance so medical bills are piling up. Don't want to lose everything especially my life!

    Horrible headaches, pain, depression and mental fogginess. Any suggestions appreciated.
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    The deadline to enroll in the Obamacare plans is today. If you are having health problems it is way cheaper to buy one of these policies than to try to pay for treatments. If you can’t afford it then most likely it will be free. Check into it now


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      It can be anything from a common bipolar disorder to a tumor. You can't mess around with things like that. The sooner you find out the cause of the pain, the easier it will be to treat it.


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        I am very surprised when I see posts like this. Yes, I understand that we are all always looking for the fastest and most easily accessible answers. But I wouldn't trust the diagnoses of random people from the Internet. Moreover, such a set as described here can be found in hundreds of different diseases. Only a doctor will help you in determining a clear diagnosis. I went through depression and terrible migraines, and on my first visit to the hospital, it was so funny that the doctor, with my permission, allowed his students to determine my diagnosis. There were twenty students, I heard at least ten different suggestions about the nature of my problem. Maybe they just wanted to show off their knowledge, but ten is still a lot. It was no less amusing when the family therapist from, after my first story, voiced the correct guess about my diagnosis, which I had been given literally 2 months before. For some reason, I thought that family psychologists are not so good at professional psychiatry.


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          Agreed (that they should see doctor)... but the problem here is the lack of insurance. Here in the USA, if you can't afford health insurance, you can not afford an MRI and doctor visits. There are programs to give free health insurance to the poor, but unfortunately there is a gap where people make too much money for the free insurance, yet can't afford to buy it. So sad. I hear that very often. It just puts families into debt which is hard to get out from.