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starting radiation/chemo Today! Got any tips or tricks to share?

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  • starting radiation/chemo Today! Got any tips or tricks to share?

    II am a 62 yr. old woman who had surgery on 11/4/2019 at Sylvestor Cancer Center in Miami to remove a golf ball sized GBM from the right frontal posterior lobe on the motor strip. Chemo with TMZ started last night, and my first Radiation treatment is today. My MGMT is methylated and I am eagerly looking for trials to participate in while beginning the Standard of Care to include Optune. My Foundation One tests are still in progress...Any guidance is welcome in my navigation in this strange new world.

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    Maybe you could try combination of radiochemotherapy and Optune in parallel (there are open trials for this) maybe consider adding CCNU (German trial NOA-09 has had great results-I still don’t know why don’t they use this as a standard treatment in US for methylated patients)


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      I like the idea of trying the optune at same time as radiation. It is experimental at this point but worth asking them


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        We are testing a new service where our team helps come up with treatment options. It is free but you have to agree to let us observe what treatment you do and the outcome so we can learn from your experiences. If you or anyone wants to try it go to
        it is not linked into the rest of the website yet. We will do that when testing is done.