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  • Turkey tail mushroom supplement

    I have read Dr. Ben William's book and his articles on this site. My husband was diagnosed with GBM grade IV, unmethylated, wildtype in early September. He is 4 weeks into radiation and TMZ treatment. I suggested turkey tail extract to my husband's care team and they discouraged because of antioxidant properties. From my reading from this site, it seems that the benefits of PSK and this supplement outweigh the potential antioxidant interaction. Is this a reasonable conclusion and is it good to start this supplement during the radiation therapy? Thanks

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    There is not enough information to say either way. You can not go by what "makes sense".. these things are way too complicated and the only way to know if it helps or hurts is to test it on a group of patients..


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      It's a pity that we didn't see any exact answers, but I hope they will be in the future. I have quite big serious problems with my muscles, which is why I also have to undergo various therapies and take medications. One of these medications is LGD-4033 designed to treat muscle wasting disease and helps me with the discomfort that I experience most of the time. In fact, after I started going to procedures regularly and taking this remedy, I really started to feel much better, and the condition of my body as a whole improved. I hope to get rid of this problem completely in the future if this is possible.
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        This is the problem with all the “new” and “revolutionary” medications – there is always little or no research on them, and you can only speculate about their effectiveness. The only way to find out is to use them and see what happens.
        I wouldn’t test anything on my husband unless it is our last choice, and it’s like either experiment may be live or die for sure. So, if another treatment helps somehow, I would choose a safer option instead of an unknown one. The same choice I had to make while ordering some testosterone from Healthcanal – I had to choose between experimental new and good old brands.
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