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    Basically, everyone is saying about reaching a mind-muscle connection if you want serious gains. Well, I would want to achieve that but I m not sure what to do they mean when they say mind-muscle connection.
    I d like to have that connection when I m doing chest since my chest is super lagging and super weak (like I m still 140 and not 175 lbs).
    The Big 3

    BB Press 242 lbs - one rep

    Squat 286 lbs - one rep

    Deadlift 375 lbs - one rep

    My question was prompted by a passage in A.C Grayling's new book "The Frontiers of Knowledge". He says:
    First, it is necessary to have a map of the landscapes that abut and overlap in these debates: neuroscience, psychology, neuropsychology, cognitive neuroscience, neurology, and the philosophy of mind.

    This confirmed what I previously knew. I recall back in my psychology major, we examined the hard problem of consciousness, we examined the materialist/dualist divide for example. I suppose my question is more: is it a bad thing that multiple disciplines are now contributing to the debate? I want to say - and I stand to be corrected - that it is not necessarily a bad thing. I would argue that the question concerning what the relationship between the mind and brain is, is not a purely philosophical question for instance. That said, if for example, psychology deploys heavily empirical research methods in their research to examine the above-mentioned relationship, I would say they would arrive at a poor picture of the human mind. Empirical research methodology is not conducive to an examination of the human mind I don't think.
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    Are you a brain tumor patient?


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      I think the question here is different, the person does not have a tumor
      Just be specific about your question and the problem you want to discuss.