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  • Olaparib

    I am trying to see what is the status of investigation of Olaparib, a PARP inhibitor approved for ovarian cancer, in IDH1 mutated high grade glioma. There is a strong rationale for PARP inhibition in these type of tumors and preliminary results in 2017 made the news. I saw some combination studies ongoing in US and UK, but not sure if the company is still working on this.....

    Also virtual ASCO is coming up. Do people have to pay to registration?
    thank you.

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    Olaparib is available off label - the only problem is paying for it. Most insurance companies will probably deny it at first but you could probably get it covered if you work at it.
    Not sure about ASCO. I am a member of ASCO and I think my yearly dues covers the meeting. Go to their website and check - lets us know!


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      Thank you !
      I check ASCO virtual meeting
      you have to register and it is free for members
      The only other people that are non member for which is free are patient advocates
      Unfortunately, I am not a patient advocate so I will miss the experience and read about it on other sources

      I will contact both AstraZeneca (Olaparib) and Roche (Avastin) to see if my sister is elegible for compassionate use of the drugs. Unfortunately I am running out of time because she progressed on regorafenib but I am not losing my hopes

      I am not sure it makes sense to try Avastin by itself...

      I am afraid the neurooncologist will suggest palliative care.....


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        I am looking for a volunteer to cover ASCO for me - you would have to write about the highlights.. if interested, we could probably get you access as a patient advocate. Anyone interested?


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          Hi, Al, I have just saw this, did you find a volunteer???
          I need to connect this blog to my emails I do not have alerts. How???


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            No - it is too late.. I did it myself but probably missed a few gems. May need it for SNO in November!
            To get email notifications click on your name at the top of the page and select user settings, then notification and select all of the forums and to get notifications.. There isn't too much traffic so that should work out well. If it gets busy you can limit it to once a day