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Inoperable Glioblastoma

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  • Inoperable Glioblastoma

    Hello I was diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme in January 2018. My tumor is inoperable in the thalamus. I received radiation and Temodar {only first round} Jan and February 2018. Since then I only received about 6 treatments of avastin. Tumor is still stable but grew minimally over time. I applied for onc201 trial.. before receiving the response for the trial they put it on hold because of covid 19 pandemic.
    Over time my CPS has worsened and it is intolerable. Rt sided weakness, neuropathy, spacial awareness, burning, pain, internally and externally.
    I am asking for advice for onc201 trial and help with cps.
    please help me. I live in NY. I have see many doctors.
    Biopsy: Dr. C Hajapanayas Mt. Sinai
    oncologist: Dr. A. Hormigo
    i have also visited : Dr. Kaley @ Sloan , Dr. Grewal (who is in charge of my Onc trial and offered gamma knife by Dr. Woo), and others.
    Christine Genzone
    [email protected]

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    Did you ask Dr Grewal to try to get onc201 on compassinate use?That requires that it is recurrent - if it grew since last time, it might qualify. Ask him.