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    We are from Spain, my husband was diagnosed in August 2018 with glioblastoma and doing good so far.

    My husband bucket list trip is to travel to USA. We would like to go to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las vegas this summer but the problem is that i cant get any travel insurance here in Spain because of his preexisting condition.

    Do you know if Is there any american insurance company where I can get it?

    Thank you for your help.

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    I do not know about travel insurance but a quick google search found this they won't pay for the expected costs of treating the condition but they will pay for unexpected acute onset of problems. Talk to them to see exactlly what would be covered or not. Obvioulsy that is a big trip if he is not feeling good and has been stable for a while... but if stable it should be fantastic! Have fun and let us know what you find about the insurance


    • Janis Penn
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      Hello...we’re having the same problem with travel to Canada to visit our family, we’re UK nationals living in Spain.

      I’ve searched online but can’t find anything.

      Can you point us to any companies for there.

      Many thanks for any help & info.

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    Thank you!


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      Take a look at I do not know them - just got it from a google search.. That page talks about pre-existing conditions