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Perillyl alcohol (Limonene, POH)

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  • Perillyl alcohol (Limonene, POH)

    Perillyl alcohol posts moved from other topics.

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    Btw. I saw on other forum you did perilyl alcohol therapy..what is/was your experience? You’re still doing it? Can you please provide detailed information?


    • netopolis
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      Here's the question I sent to Kurve Technology:
      ...Is it possible to order ViaNase Electronic Atomizer as an individual or a company. I couldn't find any information on the website?...
      And their reply:
      Thank you for the email. If you are interested as a company, that is an entirely different discussion. Please let me know which way you wish to go in the end. For now, this is the welcome packet every individual patient receives and provides a detailed background on the company.

      Currently, we have approximately 190 patients using the device for compassionate use. Please understand that our goal was to arrest the disease at diagnosis, but we exceeded that by having 3 out of 4 patients regain cognitive abilities they had lost.

      We support the units for manufacturing defects for as long as the patient is using it with video training, web based troubleshooting, replacement parts and an entirely new unit if necessary. If you break it, we will repair/replace it at cost.

      Our technology is involved in 18 clinical trials around the world for nose-to-brain applications and I have attached a current project list so you can see how our technology is trusted at some of the most prestigious international institutions. We have also been featured on TV with HBO, ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, also attached.

      While we support the device for the life of the patient, it costs $5,000.00 USD and is thus limited to people with the means to procure it, and we cannot offer refunds so let’s think positive. I have attached some support documents, 3 peer-reviewed, you may find useful while doing this evaluation. The peer-reviewed ones are very heavy science and even we don’t get it all. J Don’t sweat it. The TV spots are good for really seeing the device and the results. Once we have the payment (wire information attached), we will build and ship the device within 7-10 days.
      Here is a YouTube link for Michael. He is also a patient:
      Best Regards,

      Marc Giroux, CEO
      Kurve Technology, Inc.
      Tel: 425 640 9249
      Mob: 206 235 0807
      Skype: marcgiroux1
      [email protected]

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      musella, Harvey. What do you think about moving Perillyl alcohol posts to a new topic. Title could be something like Perillyl alcohol (POH, limonene). Posts on POH would be easier to find then.

    • Harvey
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      Ive got this:

      You are correct on the nebulizers, by the way. Studies have demonstrated that 70% of the aerosol goes directly to the lungs and less than 10% gets to the olfactory region with probably less that 1% crossing into the brain. If you take a look at the 2 images below, you can see that we do a significantly better job.”

      Seems we would need to find an alternative to nebulizers.

      Seems like this device has had success in a trial of Alzheimer’s when compared with other device:

      “ They started out using Kurve Technology’s ViaNase spray device, the same as in the pilot trial. However, the device had been redesigned and frequently malfunctioned, so the investigators switched to NeuroPharma’s Precision Olfactory Delivery™ device for the bulk of the participants.”

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    They are currently working on a version of the inhaler which doesn’t get disintegrated from POH (more resistant materials)


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      So, according to recent Neo100 results, its likely that the more of perilyl alcohol, the better..this is why they are using night mask (in addition to portable nebulizers).

      Do you know maybe how to buy the complete ComfortGel Blue Mask system?
      I’m only finding the nasal masks (don’t know which device configuration would be the most appropriate?)


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        It seems like there's an excellent device available out there in addition to Kurve Technogies and Nebulisers.

        The question is, how to get it.


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          netopolis musella An interesting article regarding POH is published.

          do you know how to test TT variant for rs1801133?



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            I am not sure but I think the 23 and me test can test for that. Ask them.


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              You are right, they are testing for this! My genotype is GT..the POH article distinguished between CC, TT and CT.
              i don’t know how to interpret this since G is something completely different from C. Can you please help here?


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                Sorry - I do not know about that. Try asking the 23 and me team.


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                  I'm tired of testing all kinds of drugs; nothing works anyway. Because of these tests, I started consuming alcohol because I was desperate. I have the impression that there is no hope for me to recover. But unfortunately, alcohol affected my condition even more. I drank alcohol for half a year. My wife begged me to give up and go to a medical detox for alcohol, and I didn't listen to her. I have already started this detox, but it is too late; the doctor gives me hope for another two years maximum to live.
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                    I was just at a brain tumor meeting that looked very optimistic. One of the hot new trials is D2C7 combined with atezolizumab. Look for it on It was a private meeting so I can not discuss the early results but it looks good. Get an opinion at Duke.. they have about 7 trials going on that all look pretty good