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V-Boost Immunity Clinical Trial for Glioblastoma

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  • V-Boost Immunity Clinical Trial for Glioblastoma

    This clinical trial in Mongolia piqued my interest. Does anyone know any information about V-Boost immunotherapy? It looks like it is manufactured in Canada by a company called Immunitor. There is a press release from this company regarding this clinical trial on their website. I contacted the head researcher, Aldar Bourinbaiar, MD/PhD, and asked him if you had to go to Mongolia to participate in this clinical trial and this was his response. He said that the vaccine can be shipped to the United States.

    “Thank you for your email Lynette
    The cost of our oral vaccine is $1500 per month shipping cost is included
    We have used it in many patients for various brain disorders not necessarily cancer and we have never seen any serious side effects
    Yes, we can make individualized vaccine from tumor tissue but the cost is much higher. On average it is $12,000 and we can produce about 1-year worth of vaccine depending of sample size
    Let me know if you have any questions

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    Where can we find scientific articles regarding therapy properties,assumed mechanism of efficacy, in vitro and in vivo (animal) tests and clinical (human) reports?

    in which brain disorders did they use this?why?


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      Do you have any more details about prior results or what it is exactly?