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  • Alternate Treatment Strategies

    Hello. This topic is likely already covered so happy to remove the post if it's redundant. My question is, can anyone provide suggestions or point to an existing list of treatment options beyond the mainstream TMZ / OpTune / DCVax. There was an excellent article on this site, a survivor story, where the member described a self built combination therapy based on a variety of over the counter drugs, herbal remedies and diet. For example, see the survivor story Blogs in this sites brain tumor guide

    I am asking this forum if there is more up to date list, if other members can share what they have used to combat glioblastoma outside of the core treatments.

    I am going to explore OpTune & DCVax but there are challenges there and I would still like to pursue other options.

    Thank you

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    Did you have a genomic analysis of your biopsy done? Might be best to base choice of treatments on that.


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      I have not had that done. I will see if that is an option, right now I am not sure how the tumor was preserved. I appreciate your feedback.