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Recurrent Glioblastoma

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  • Recurrent Glioblastoma

    I have been dealing with a symptomatic tumor regrowth and was given less than 72 hours to do my due diligence on researching my options before I was scheduled to begin my chemo and infusions. My doctor strongly suggested that I begin Lomustine (Gleostine) with infusions of Avastin or possibly a clinical trial but he was more comfortable with the (recurrent) standard of care. Now that I have started this treatment (ccnu and avastin) I am excluded from so many opportunities to try a clinical trial, but what one would have been the best? One covered by my insurance (Kaiser), one that would incur up front costs? Or the best suggested one? From the most trusted neuro team out there? (so many variables). Here I am having buyers remorse thinking I might have made the wrong decision. I guess I am just overwhelmed and am hoping that anyone out there can provide some support and maybe some guidance to navigating what I feel like is a process not really within my control. I hope you all are doing well and fighting each and every day to live your best life! God bless.

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    You can always try our patient navigation program. We can give you a bunch of options, possibly that you can still add on to what you already started. My current favorite trials are the vaccines and focused ultrasound trials.