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  • Optune and Care Oncology

    I had a post in the newly diagnosed about my husband dx. We are considering Optune and Care Oncology protocol plus low carb diet and exercise.
    We are assuming that if Optine can work with therapy to kill most of the cancer cells or prevent them from multiplying, then could it be feasible to get away from Optune after a while. Do you know anyone who has used it with high compliance (with SOC) and then was able to stop using it after a year and dis very well for several years afterwards?

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    There is a great Optune group on Facebook with over 7,000 members using Optune.. That is a better place to ask but to answer the question, no - I do not know anyone who stopped after a year and then went on to long term survival. I do know a few people who stopped after 3 years and went on to long term survival.. I don't really know anyone who stopped at 1 year who was doing well. The ones who stopped because they were doing poorly went downhill fast after stopping. I do not have a brain tumor but from what I hear, the first weeks and months with Optune are tough but then you get used to it and it is not that bad to use. Especially when you see you are doing well with it. Stopping Optune (or chemotherapy or any treatment for that matter) is the scariest thing - I would watch the tumor with advanced scans frequently for the first 6 months after stopping and restart at first sign of growth.