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GammaTile Webinar June 8,2022

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  • GammaTile Webinar June 8,2022

    We will soon post a link to the GammaTile webinar here. You can ask questions, and Dr. D'Amico will respond here!

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    The webinar video is now at
    We got a bunch of questions already.. I will post them seperately


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      Question: A Patient comes in with a symptomatic single brain met. How do you decide between surgery and gamma tile vs SRS? (Age, health, etc?)

      Response from Dr. D'Amico: This is a good question. I think at this point, the most common indications for Gamma Tile are expanding. I consider Gamma Tile for large and irregularly shaped metastases. I consider it for recurrent gliomas and meningiomas. I also would use it for recurrent brain metastases in previously treated areas. Its also great for those who don’t have the resources to come back and forth to the hospital for treatments as the treatment happens in the operating room.


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        Question: What % of your patients with recurrent Glioblastoma get gamma tiles?

        Response from Dr. D'Amico: T I think GammaTile should be considered for every patient with a recurrent Glioblastoma. The difficulty here is that most clinical trials require a patient to have what’s called standard treatment. While research is ongoing, GammaTile is not accepted as a current standard therapy. That said, the results are supportive of its use and I think its a valuable adjunct for patients who may not have many other options.


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          Question: Can any doctor use Gamma Tiles or do you have to go to centers that already use it?

          Response from Dr. D'Amico: Any neurosurgeon can use GammaTile, but they need the resources to make it seamless. This involves a collaborative effort between radiation oncology and neurosurgery and oncology. I would recommend going to centers that already use it as these centers tend to be at the forefront of cutting-edge treatments. Studies have shown that outcomes are always better at major centers.


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            Question: Is there any quarantine required from other family members due to the radiation?

            Response from Dr. D'Amico: The amazing thing about GammaTile is that no quarantine is necessary for the family. They patient can be discharged in a routine fashion and have visitors immediately after surgery. There is extremely low risk to the family as well as the staff taking care of the patient.


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              Could Optune be used if you have gamma tile inserted?

              Response from Dr. D'Amico: Absolutely. There are no contraindications to using optune with GammaTile and in fact there are studies ongoing regarding the possibly synergy of these technologies.


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                Question: Do Gamma tiles cause artifacs on MRI scans?

                Response from Dr. D'Amico: Any artifact from the gamma tiles on MRI is minimal and does not interfere with our ability to understand recurrence vs. residual tumor.