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Polyphenols in the treatment of high grade gliomas

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  • Polyphenols in the treatment of high grade gliomas

    Polyphenols in the treatment of glioma
    I have been scouring the scientific literature for new treatments in high grade glioma. My 38 y/o son has gr III anaplastic astrocytoma which has now become a GBM. He's facing his 3rd resection with tumor invasion into the eloquent areas of the temporal lobe. I found these pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo studies using various polyphenols toxic to U87 glioma cell lines and wondered about their potential efficacy. Curious about your thoughts on this.
    Brenda Hage, Ph.D, DNP, CRNP

    The Multi-Faceted Effect of Curcumin in Glioblastoma from Rescuing Cell Clearance to Autophagy-Independent Effects

    Targeting human brain cancer stem cells by curcumin-loaded nanoparticles grafted with anti-aldehyde dehydrogenase and sialic acid: Colocalization of ALDH and CD44

    Antiproliferative efficacy of elderberries and elderflowers (Sambucus canadensis) on glioma and brain endothelial cells under normoxic and hypoxic conditions - ScienceDirect

    Inhibition of Invasion by Polyphenols from Citrus Fruit and Berries in Human Malignant Glioma Cells In Vitro | Anticancer Research
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    These types of things are way too early. You want to look at treatments that were already tried in people and had a good effect.
    Did you use our patient navigation program? They can help find interesting things.

    Having a surgery is an opertunity to do things... like save tumor tissue for a possible vaccine, or to insert gammatiles, or to send for genetic analysis. Ask the surgeon about these things.