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Immunotherapy Options for GBM: Froceth vs IOZK. Any Experience or Suggestions?

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  • Immunotherapy Options for GBM: Froceth vs IOZK. Any Experience or Suggestions?

    Hi Al & all,

    Froceth in Vilnius and IOZK in Cologne are two immunotherapy centres that offer (among other modes of immuno-oncological therapies) dendritic vacines that would not require fresh / frozen tumour tissue (Gliovac and DCVax-L, on the other hand, requires fresh / properly frozen tissue, which most patients including my father do not have).

    Their costs are quite different though as listed below (IOZK: > EUR 70k, Froceth: EUR 10k).

    I wonder if these options are worthwhile executing (subject to budget constraints) and in particular if anyone in the forum has any experience / thought / recommendation for a 72-year old GBM patient (IDH-wild type, MGMT methylated) in this context.

    I also wonder what makes the two costing schemes quite different and that whether there is anyone here who benefited from these options (particularly from the Froceth immunotherapy).

    IOZK: Therapy Costs | IOZK


    First of all, the doctor chemotherapist together with PhD. immunologist have to examine and evaluate medical conditions of the patient and decide whether or not to apply an immunotherapy of dendritic cell vaccine (DCV) or cytokine induced killer cells (CIK).

    We could arrange a teleconsultation with the patient. The price of teleconsultation is 120 euros. After that, if the doctors decide to apply a treatment of DCV or CIK, the patient (or donor) must come to Vilnius for a blood draw in order to produce the product.

    So there are two products of immunotherapy:

    All the treatment is applied in the clinic in Vilnius.

    Many thanks,

    Bora Y.

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    Are those prices for 1 treatment or for the entire course of treatment? Can you summarize the differences between the vaccines and tell us what the reported results are so far? How about safety combining the 2 immunotherapies. Do they use any immune enhancers?
    My thoughts are that any of the vaccines or cell therapies are worth a try.


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      Hi Al -- I have just asked Froceth to further elucidate, and to provide any track records for GBM so far. I will keep the forum posted once I have a response.

      For IOZK, there is a paper (alongside other documents) that provide some form of evidence for the effectiveness of their immuno-therapy though surely it is not based on a fully randomised prospective design (I can also share that and the other documents via mail).

      Best regards,



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        Yes. Please send them via email. Thanks.
        One of my friends tried IOZK. She had the vaccine as well as a few other therapies there. She did well for a while but unfortunately died recently. I know a few others who tried it and I do not think any of them are still alive. That doesn't mean it doesn't help - just that it didn't cure them. On the other hand I know a few patients from the DCVAX and ICT-107 trials that are still alive over 7 years later with GBMs.


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          those are two different kind of immunotherapies. Froceth is based on allogeneic antigen presented trough dc vaccination . I can imagine if you have your tissue frozen, they could produce combined vaccination(allogeneic + your own). Therefore you would get something similar to ERC vaccination (phase II stopped because of early success!).

          IOZK is immunotherapy based on oncolytic virus (NDV).

          I would do them both since in principle they have no side effects.


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            Unfortunately, what "makes sense" doesn't usually work in practice. The only way to tell is to try it in a group of patients. Then for the ones it works on, try to figure out why it worked on them, and then why it did not work on the nonresponders. Then try combinations of treatments and focus on what is working and what makes those responders respond while the nonresponders do not. Then try to engineer a way to make them all responders.