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Neuro-protective drugs for brain radiation

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  • Neuro-protective drugs for brain radiation

    I start radiation on my Pons next week and I am getting a full 54 Gy dose to all of my left Hippocampus, as well as a 46.4 Gy dose to at least part of my right Hippocampus. Although there is no obvious tumor in either Hippocampus, it is within the margin they need to radiate around the tumor. I am very concerned about this. I am starting Memantine today for its neuroprotective effects. Are there any other drugs, supplements, etc. I should look into?

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    I do not know of any drugs or supplements that could help but for tumors in the pons, adding Onc-201 at the time of radiation and afterwards might be a good choice. Ask your doctor about it. How old are you? Did the tumor have H3K27m mutation?


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      hello, ive bern told from various specialists that carbon ion radiation seems to produce the best results while sparing healthy tissue. Al, do you know something about the topic. The treatment is relatively new.


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        all the new results are indicating superior efficiancy..


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          From what I remember, carbon ion may reduce the chance of long term side effects but the imrpovement in survival was not that impressive. I do not remember the exact numbers but it didn't sound like it was worth the trouble.


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            In general, such actions at least carry risks. I think no one will argue with this. Still, with the right care approach to the choice of the drug, it facilitates the life of the patient affected by radiation. If I were you, I wouldn't trust everything written on the Internet because there are people who don't really care about you. Still, they give bad advice on purpose, self-asserting themselves at its expense. I personally buy nootropics here In my opinion, they are the purest and highest quality nootropics that you can find on the Internet, and for a fairly low price. Good luck.
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