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    I am sure this has been covered before, but I am very curious about the Care Oncology protocol. I read the first formal paper they published in 2019, and the results are remarkable--nearly twice the overall survival rate as compared to the SOC. With results like this, why is there so little information about them online? Other than their site, there is virtually nothing that shows up when I search them. Does anyone have experience with someone who has tried the 4 off label drug approach? My wife is just halfway through radiation and Temodor, and we are planning what to do next, and that, plus Optune, seems like a strong possibility.

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    I like it a lot. In our patient navigation program, it is frequently mentioned as an option, especially in cases that do not qualify for our favorite trials. Adding Optune is perfect. It pays to consult with the Care Oncology people and let them figure our the dosages of everything. They alter it based on how things go. And they are good people.
    I also liek CUSP 9.


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      Thank you for the rapid response. My wife has also been accepted into the i-attak trial at Duke, so that is definitely a strong option as well. But if the tumor returns before the trial begins she will not be eligible, so we are looking at alternatives.


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        I like that trial. My thoughts are you can do care oncology protocol anytime but you can only get into that trial now.