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Retry Temodar or switch to CCNU

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  • Retry Temodar or switch to CCNU

    I've used Temodar before and the doctor is recommending it again. Does anyone know of a good reason to try Temodar again for another recurrenceon an unmethylated tumor instead of switching to CCNU? It seems like CCNU is prescribed after multiple Temodar failures.


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    How did it work the first time? Did you talk about another other treatments? In general, CCNU would probably have a slightly better chance of helping than Temodar but neither one is going to make a big difference.


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      Temodar shrank the tumor a little bit. The MRIs were stable for about 2 years before changes suspected of being late radiation effects became visible. A combination biopsy/LITT revealed tumor histologically grade 3, molecularly grade 4. It was cooked by the laser but we're now seeing changes around the cooked region. I was offered Temodar but decided to move on CCNU since Temodar didn't work well enough last time and surviving cells are likely immune to Temodar.
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    It is worth trying CCNU or Temodar but exploring clinical trials may be a better option