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    I heard back from Dr Symmons. He said it does cross the blood brain barrier. He sent me an article "Brain Penetration and Efficacy of Different Mebendazole Polymorphs in a Mouse Brain Tumor Model". See https://clincancerres.aacrjournals.o...1/15/3462.long for the full text.
    He also said that a human phase 1 trial of mebendazole was done at Johns Hopkins and was not published yet - should be soon. He tried to get a trial comparing pcv to pcm but couldn't find a sponsor


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      Thanks. I never questioned if mebendazole can cross blood brain barrier, I questioned if vincristine can.
      Mebendazole can cross BBB but it has low bioavailability in humans.
      I've found a Stephen Ws' comment from his blog explaining it. I'll quote him here:

      Mebendazole has looked reasonably effective in several brain tumor mouse models. However mice and humans may have very different metabolism of the drug. In humans, very high doses of mebendazole are likely required to achieve therapeutic concentrations in the plasma. Doses on the order of 100mg/kg/day (a mega-dose) might be required to get enough of the unmetabolized drug in the bloodstream to see any therapeutic benefit. The safety of taking such a high dose in the context of a cocktail with multiple other drugs is unknown.

      This paper shows that mebendazole is extensively metabolized in humans with very little unmetabolized drug making it into the bloodstream, even after high doses...

      If this is correct it would be interesting to know if any of mebendazole metabolites have the same therapeutic properties.

      Looking forward to human trial results and wonder what doses they used.
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        I'd like to open a new topic on mebendazole (or even fenbendazole, a similar veterinary drug) when any human data becomes available.


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          I heard back from him on Vincristine. He says it does not get into the tumor and many brain tumor doctors stopped using it. He thinks it contributes "very little, if anything" the the effectiveness of the PCV combination.