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    Last Updated: 1/3/2014
    Social Security Disability and Brain Tumors
    Being diagnosed with a brain tumor can present many obstacles in a person’s life—among these: the
    inability to work and earn a living. The resulting loss of income can cause serious financial distress. In
    situations like these, individuals may need to turn to Social Security Disability benefits to relieve the
    financial burden that often accompanies serious health conditions.
    The following article will serve as a starting point for those interested in learning more about disability
    benefits and will take you step‐by‐step through the application process.
    Step 1: Know Your Options
    There are two main federal disability benefit programs. These are Social Security Disability Insurance
    (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Each of these programs is operated by the Social Security
    Administration (SSA) to provide financial assistance to different groups of people.
    SSDI offers financial assistance to disabled workers who are under the age of 65. Eligibility for SSDI is
    dependent upon an applicant’s past employment, income, and tax contributions. If you have not worked
    or paid Social Security taxes throughout your career, SSDI benefits will not be the best fit for you. It is
    important to note that when an applicant qualifies for SSDI benefits, they will automatically become
    eligible for Medicare after a two‐year waiting period.
    SSI is a needs‐based benefit program that provides assistance to disabled individuals who are struggling
    financially. SSI differs from SSDI in that it is not contingent upon work history or tax contributions.
    Instead, SSI eligibility is solely dependent on an applicant’s income and financial resources. Once an
    applicant becomes eligible for SSI benefits, he or she will immediately become eligible to receive
    For more information regarding both types of benefits, visit the following page: http://www.disability‐
    benefits‐‐tips/difference‐between‐social‐security‐disability‐insu rance‐ssdi‐and‐ssi.
    Step 2: Research the Social Security Disability Medical Criteria
    Each applicant for disability benefits must meet specific medical criteria pertaining to their particular
    condition. These requirements are found in the SSA’s Blue Book. The Blue Book is separated into listings
    that cover different conditions or groups of conditions that qualify for disability benefits. Brain tumors
    are evaluated under Blue Book listing 13.13. To qualify under this listing, applicants must meet the
    following criteria:
     The applicant’s tumor must be highly malignant. This may include medulloblastoma,
    neuroectodermal tumors with documented metastases, grades III and IV astrocytomas,

    *Note: copied from the resources button, top of home page*