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  • Reoccurrence?

    Hello all,. I was part of the group when it was on Yahoo and enjoyed reading the posts. My question? My wife was diagnosed and went through surgery, chemo and radiation a little over 13 years ago. Recently, she has been experiencing headaches, in the spot where they removed the tumor, very sleepy all the time, blurry vision, not being able to comprehend or follow things and other little things I've noticed. My question is, would this be signs of a reoccurrence? She says no because the headaches are on the opposite side of her head than where they were last time? She doesn't want to go to the doctor because she thinks that all they will tell her is that it's all because she somewhat overweight and older and it will cost too much. I know I can't make her go but I want to be able to give her some information so that she can look it and determine what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated. James Collier

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    It sounds like she needs an MRI. It might be recurrence or it might be very late changes from the radiation.. or it could be one of many different problems, but I wouldn't ignore it. I can guarantee it is not from gaining a few pounds and getting a little older. Good luck and let us know what the MRI says