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  • Whole genome profiling-pathology

    Hello Al,everybody,

    Regarding whole genome sequencing, do you know how would it be possible to get it done (organisation, costs)?

    Besides correct diagnosis, can one expect treatment recommendations as well?

    They are saying they collaborated with German Cancer Institute.. Do you know if this is available in Germany as well?


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    As I understand it (and I have been known to be wrong, NYU can now do the test for anyone. You can ask your doctor to send the sample to them for testing. I do not know how much it costs. You can contact them and ask, and see if your insurance covers it. Let us know what you find.
    The test should be like the other genetic tests which lists the mutations you have as well as the drugs or trials that might work against it. However, this is on an entirely different level than tests we have been using - so the amount of information might be overwheling.
    I am setting up a new service where we will evaluate a patients' records and have a team of smart people analyze it and figure out of all of the possible choices which may be the best. It is in testing now and we will annoucne it soon, but if anyone wants to try it, contact me privately. It is (as are all of my organizations' services) free to the patients.


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      Who should we contact?


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        Not sure but you can try David Zagzag, M.D., Ph.D., Professor of Pathology and Neurosurgery
        [email protected] he is in charge of neuro-pathology there.. One of the best neuro-path doctors in the world. I send our hard cases to him.


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          i am interested in knowing what they say about the cost of the test at NYU. I think this is a test different from the foundation medicine one, which is based on next generation sequencing.
          Which of these two tests is better to identify a possible targeted agent that can work in a specific brain tumor?

          my sister in Italy has anaplastic astrocytoma IDH1 mutated non 1-9 deleted and recurred 2 years after temodar + radiotherapy. She could not really finish the agjuvant temodar because of leukopenia.
          she has done cibernife to reduce the lesions.
          Foundation medicine test is 4000 euro and not reimbursed by the insurance.
          thank you for sharing informations!!!


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            Has anyone contacted them regarding the cost?


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              In this article they say 5800 dollars


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                You got it wrong! That would be the cost of test for the foundation ONE (NGS) Test!!! Anybody has some detailed information (cost, interpretation, therapy recommendations?) about whole genome sequencing?
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                  Yes the foundation medicine was what the doctor of my sister recommended. He did not mentioned the nyu/ Germany test.
                  At the society of neurooncology meeting there will be a cme symposium by CCO on targeted therapies in GBM and testing.

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                I have been working on a plan to get whole genome sequencing for free for our virtual trial members. Will know in a few months if it is possible.


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                  Hello Al,

                  any updates available?


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                I have learned a lot from it