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    New method eradicates deadly brain tumors by 'starving' them of energy source

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    Every year there are dozens of articles like this one so I wouldn't call it a cure yet. Even if those findings get used several decades can pass from this kind of discovery to actual translation to drug(s) which can be used on humans and there's no guarantee it will work as well as in lab settings or at all. Drugs need to be developed to target those mechanisms, this is usually very expensive process and possibly none of the companies that can pull this off will be interested (primary brain tumors are relatively rare compared to many other cancers). Alternatively, drugs that have off-target effects on those mechanisms may exist but those need to be identified and they have to be able to cross blood-brain barrier in potent enough concentrations without life-threatening consequences. If new drug is developed it has to go trough animal testing, several stages of clinical trials. This is also an expensive undertake and may take several years if not decade(s). So no, this is not a cure, at least not yet and it may never be. Unfortunately that is the sad truth.
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      Not to mention that human gliomas are very adaptable. After researching further some tumors can escape CSF1 blockade mentioned in the article by activating other mechanisms. An example