The dopamine receptor antagonist trifluoperazine prevents phenotype conversion and improves survival in mouse models of glioblastoma

Al Musella's Comments: (This is his personal views and are not necessarily the views of the Musella Foundation!)

This article says that although radiation improves survival for glioblastomas, it also makes the tumor harder to treat. They found that by adding the drug trifluoperazine (which is approved for psychiatric disorders) at the time of radiation, they were able to preserve the benefit of radiation but stop the conversion that causes the tumor cells to be harder to treat. In mice, it resulted in longer survivals!

There is a different clinical trial now of another dopamine receptor antagonist, Onc-201, being tested for H3K27M mutant gliomas. They are testing it during and after radiation, as well as only after. Comparing the 2 may show the effect described in the article- hopefully longer survivals!