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    An initiative called Beat19 can help us understand and beat #covid19 with data driven decisions. A collaboration is underway between Cancer Commons and xCures called #Beat19 which is an IRB sanctioned research study designed to help learn about what happens before, during and after #coronavirus symptoms start. This effort is a way to collect and share knowledge from three types of people.

    1) People feeling sick who tested positive for COVID-19
    2) People feeling sick but have not tested positive for COVID-19
    3) People not feeling sick but want to participate

    Participants provide confidential data to an IRB-approved registry, using a short daily survey about symptoms and medications. #Beat19 will provide and share analysis of data daily and provide access to curated information about new treatments for #covid19. Participate or share this link to help beat this virus with data.

    Go to to participate!

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    Al Musella's Comments: (This is his personal views and are not necessarily the views of the Musella Foundation!)

    This is from our friends at Cancer Commons and xCures.. they are running a virtual trial of the Covid-19 virus. They do not tell you what treatments to do (yet), but will gather information on how the virus affects you, which treatments you decide to do and the outcome. By working together on this, we will get the answers we need quickly. The current research is all over the place - hundreds of small studies that are not centrally gathered and analyzed. This study will cover all of the treatments and quickly let us see what helps the most. This study is IRB approved and listed on, and is run by a group of experts.

    My interest in this project is to see the effects on brain tumor patients. See if they are more or less likely to catch it, based on the chemotherapies and steroids they are taking. And to see how they do. Nobody has studied this yet and we need to know.

    There is absolutely no cost to participate. Signing up is easy. Then there is a daily survey where you tell them about any changes in your status or medicines and how you are feeling. You can let your entire family sign up. They want people who are not sick as well as those already sick.


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      This is urgent for everyone to do.. enroll your entire family if possible. We want to see how Covid19 affects brain tumor patients compared to non patients.